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Zero no-shows, zero risks!
Choose SecureNoShow® and its BookByLink® to secure all your customers' reservations

Experience a reservation via SecureNoShow®

"No-Shows and last-minute cancellations are a scourge for service businesses!"

SecureNoShow® is the ideal solution to secure your customers' reservations. By sending them a confirmation message, you will lock in a guarantee on their credit card and protect yourself against no-shows or last-minute cancellations. Receive all or part of the guarantee in case of non-compliance with your booking conditions.


Seats are valuable! Never miss filling your tables with the best customers again.


Hotels, cottages, campgrounds, seasonal rentals? Take all the guarantees for the season.

Spas and Salons...

For a hair salon as well as a beauty salon, an empty chair is a real loss of income.

All Bookings

The service is suitable for any industry that takes reservations remotely or online.

How to Secure a Reservation?

Access the service and send a personalized reservation message via Email or SMS that includes our booking link
Your client only needs to click to initiate the guarantee process


A Dashboard to Manage All Reservations and Scheduling

In SecureNoShow®, everything is designed to manage and secure reservations
Create your message templates, your scenarios, customize your landing page, and indicate your penalty policy for no-shows or cancellations.

SecureNoShow dashboard

SecureNoShow manages your schedule in the cloud and optimizes your establishment's availability in real time. You have all the tools to control the booking.

Go even further ...

Automatic reminders

"Reminding your customers reduces the risk of cancellation & no-show"

SecureNoShow® manages automatic follow-up scenarios and sends reminders to your customers according to your templates and at the frequency of your choice


Automatic Control

Choose the time frame within which a customer can manage their own reservation, postpone it or cancel it. You are notified in real time, and your availability updates instantly

Take advantage of pre-integrated autonomous management models for Restaurants, Hotels, Beauty Salons, and Spas

Your own landing page

"In multiple languages, you can integrate it into your website"

The reservation link included in your message leads to your landing page where the customer can make an initial reservation and then manage it


The biggest brands trust us to guarantee their reservations

SecureNoShow® is a brand and service of Paytweak, leader and expert in #PayByLink
With SecureNoShow, Paytweak creates BookByLink, the hypertext reservation

A Mutual Trust Experience

With SecureNoShow®, your customers are sure of their reservation, and so are you!

  • Create Your Account

    A formality of a few minutes to start

  • Customize

    Create your space and personalize your messages

  • Book!

    Accept the first reservations immediately

A Simple and No-Surprise Price

The registration fee is €19.90, and then you use the service whenever you need it. You only pay a per-transaction fee.

Pay as You Go
Only a per-transaction cost
0 .35 / transaction

+ 2% of the guaranteed amount*

(*) 3.9% for foreign credit cards or American Express

€0.50 / transfer to your bank account
Premium SMS pack optional

No Commitment and No Subscription

You collect the deposit from customers who did not show up and receive the collected funds in your bank account within 24 hours.

Are you looking for a solution that combines NoShow, remote payment, and secure refunds?

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All SecureNoShow + the leading PayByLink solution in Europe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions or ask your own

A "no-show" refers to a person who doesn't show up for an event or appointment without prior notice. No-shows typically apply to hotel reservations, train or plane tickets, restaurant reservations, and even medical appointments, etc.

For businesses, a no-show can have significant consequences! It can result in revenue loss, disrupt employee schedules, and even impact a company's brand image.

First of all, it's good to know that SecureNowShow® regularly sends automatic messages to your customer to remind them of their reservation. If they want to cancel it, the ball is in your court, and you can decide...

    To cancel the reservation and release the deposit
    To reschedule the reservation for a later date in agreement with the customer
    To decline the cancellation and retain the deposit

With SecureNoShow®, you can allow the customer to manage their reservation themselves when they click on the BookByLink (or not). You can also set a deadline after which they can no longer act and must contact you. You determine how you want everything to work.

SecureNoShow® is a service reserved for professionals.
At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide

    A recent Kbis extract (or equivalent),
    Proof of identity (of the authorized signatory),
    Recent proof of address (Edf, telephone...)
    The IBAN of your bank account in France or Europe.

Registration fees are €19.90 payable only once.
Read our Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.


SecureNoShow® is a service provided by Paytweak, a leading fintech company and expert in secure remote payments via certified PCI-DSS PayByLink. The security of bank data and personal data of your customers is a major concern for Paytweak, which has more than 8 years of expertise in this field. You can rest assured!

No! There is no commitment

Once you are registered, you can use the service whenever you want, and there is no subscription fee. You will only be charged for actions actually performed. If you do not use the service for one (1) year, your registration and all hosted historical data will be deleted.

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No More No-Shows!

Highly Intuitive

  • The best SaaS solution for making and managing reservations remotely or from your website

  • An API to connect your business tools to our international No-Show guarantee solution

  • A scalable service that matches the specific management of your business